Trivia Vs How-To

Language: Traditional Chinese Only

Aim: Toanswer questions correctly as much as possible.

No of Players: 2-6


  1. A game has six questioning rounds, and each round has fives questions.

  2. Each question can be answered by all the players.

  3. The time limit for the first three trun is 20 seconds per question and the time limit for the last three rounds is 40 seconds per question. It has to wait for all players give the answer or timeouts before go into the next question.

  4. The score for the first three rounds is + 10 * (question time limit - time to answer in seconds) for a correct answer and -10 * (question time limit- time to answer in seconds) for an incorrect answer. However, if timeout with an answer, the scores for the question is -10 or the minimum of the other players obtained on the question whichever is less.

  5. At the beginning of the game, each player will allocate some money (the amount si different among players and is based on an undisclosed internal formula). This item is used to buy items on the shop which have some certain effects on the game. Since each item has floor price and limited availability, players need to give an expected price for the purchase of items (the amount of total expected purchase cannot be greater than the money allocated the the player. In case the availability of the items is not sufficient to fulfill the request, priority will be given to the players who with higher expected purchase price. In rare cases that two or more players give the same expected prices but without sufficient items, no one can purchase that item. Since the item purhasing is once off before the game, any unused money will be forfeited.

  6. Players can only view their own score, but the average score per player of the current game will be public annouced.

  7. Watcher can see the answer that each player given, but they see the score of individual player.

  8. Some rules that cannot be enforced automatically should be followed by players for a fair play. i) The answer can be discuss in public but not privately. ii) Player are allow to tell lie to affect the judgement of the opponents. iii) Watchers should not give hint or answer to the player publicly or privately.

  9. Rating is calculated as the score difference obtained by each player for the game.

  1. Steal 10% score from any one opponent.
  2. Steal 50% score from any any one opponent.

  3. Exchange your score with any one opponent.

  4. Defense causes an immune on any other player's attack.

  5. No negative score gurantee you will not got a negative score on the coming round.

  6. Positive score add additional 50% in the coming round.

  7. Negative score reduce to 50% in the coming round.

  8. Only 2 choices instead of 4 in the coming round.