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橋牌教室 (二)

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:47 pm
by willy
昨天約咗11:00, 今日我22:56就上咗來, 不過因為重打緊WOW, 所以單聲知. 不過去到game room只有ni一個人, 噢Weweweb人氣真係差.

wi: hi ni...i'm busy right now...may not play bridge with u b4 12:00
ni: o
ni: then tomorrow la
si: sorry !!
ni: that's ok
ni: coz i have to sleep earlier tonight
ni: tomorrow, what time?
wi: yep i know that...
wi: tomorrow...same time
ni: ok
wi: 今日大家要留意就係bridge個計分方法.....
wi: 好重要....
wi: 為什麼有 1-7個level叫?
wi: 當然係7高好多分
ni: 搞惦哂你d野喇?
be: 我就快zzz著咗......
wi: there are NT / Major (H or S)/ Minor (D or C)
wi: for level 1 , basic score for NT is 40
wi: Major is 30 and MInor is 20
wi: for level 2 and onwards NT and Major are 30
wi: why i said basic score
wi: in order to make a game...
wi: the basic score must be not less than 100
wi: that means
wi: 3NT
wi: which is 40+30+30
wi: 4S/H which is 30+30+30+30
be: 唔明...
wi: 5D/C = 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20
wi: eg.
be: 哦... 明咗
wi: D 1 level is 20 so 5 level = 20 * 5 = 100
wi: so 3NT is much better 2 NT
wi: bcos it is a game
wi: beware that 1NT+1 and 2NT got the same basic score
be: 1NT + 1 = ??
wi: up 8 tricks
wi: 今日教著咁多先
ni: willy double左即係點?
wi: got more points
ad: 己經落堂?
be: 今日教咗好少咋
si: right ... adg, u come late
ad: 我遲到了!
be: ad, 我諗嗰啲你己識
ad: >.<
be: 唔駛 >.<

因為重打緊怪獸, 就係咁, 草草完成咗一堂.

Re: 橋牌教室 (二)

Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 2:58 pm
by wayway
註 : 隻死人怪獸咁長氣, 打極都唔死 :roll: