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浸大博士論文 被指捏造數據

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:17 am
by queenie
Dear Pamela, Principal Assistant Secretary (Health)

The quality of Traniner, Liu Liang, the Dean of Chinese Medicine of Baptist University, which you emphasseses is very important for full time graduates (studying).

The now and then scandals disclose that if one has granxi (relationship) / background with a person in power, the one may easily get the qualification. 劉中秋 (劉良院長的胞弟) is a very good example to illustrate this fact, which exactly reflects that the PRC qualification is not universally unofficially recognised in Hong Kong.

But this scenario should not be universally applied for those who are just ordinary citizens with no granxi (relationship) / background and get their PRC qualification by their own studying.

Another phenomenon that you may not hear of is that good public examination results of a plain candidate were stolen by persons who have granxi (relationship) / background.

Actually, it is very difficult for a plain candidate to get a PRC Professional / Academic qualification in China.

I hope the above may help you refine the policies in scrutinizing the Industry of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong.

Thus, please open the Industry of Chinese Medicine. Please let the competition function.

Thank you.