PLEASE FACILITATE the Mutual Recognition of CMPs (PRC & HK)

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PLEASE FACILITATE the Mutual Recognition of CMPs (PRC & HK)

Postby queenie » Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:04 pm

To : Mr York Y N Chow, SBS, JP Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food
Ms Sandra Lee, JP Permanent Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food
Chairman and Council Members of Chinese Medicine Council Hong Kong
Chief Secretary for Administration of HKSAR
Chief Executive of HKSAR

Dear Sirs,
I write to request your kind consideration of the captioned subject.

Please be understood that it is the Government of HKSAR who requests, initiated by relevant professional bodies concerned, for mutual recognition of professioal qualifications with Mainland through CEPA under which I hope ,you may recall, that Architects of PRC and Hong Kong have already enjoyed the mutual recognition of thier professioal qualification and the other professions, like Lawyers, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Dentists as well as Accountants, are in the way of discussion.

Relating to Chinese Medicine Practitioners, the parties involved in discussion, I believe they will be the Health, Welfare and Food Bureau, Department of Health HK and Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong with their PRC counterpart of Ministry of Health.

Please implement the Mutual Recognition of CMPs (PRC&HK) - CEPA

Thank you.

Camson Tang

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