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Exactly against the policies of the Government of HKSAR

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:10 am
by queenie
I reter to The Secretary of Security Bureau that Hong Kong is lessening her requirements and standards in the immigration plan for attracting professionals coming to HK for prospering our domestic society.

It is clear that the Govt of HKSAR wants to recruit talented professionals to upgrade the quality of our population and I believe the other countries including USA, Australia are currently doing the same. But CMCHK, like a frog inside a well, practise exactly against the policies what the Govt of HKSAR and other countries have long to achieve.

I doubt very much that what the merits are for the better development and the future of the industry of chinese medicine in Hong Kong to have CMCHK still here. It's just wasting taxpayers' money.

It seems that CMCHK, without any decision power, only execute pre-set rules, the job of which can be satisfactorily accomplished by some junior, low ranking workers, the pay of them will be much for economical than that of now.

Camson Tang