Please stay in WHO. 陳馮富珍:若敗選即回港發展

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Sergeant Major 士官長
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Please stay in WHO. 陳馮富珍:若敗選即回港發展

Postby queenie » Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:18 am

No matter you elected or not, Please stay in WHO where you get the highly respected jobs. Then why don't you stay there forever.

SARS victims do not want to see you back, I believe. Please be informed there are many talented, outstanding medicial guys in Hong Kong who may contribute in the Health Industry by replacing you in Hong Kong.

Please don't come back.

Camson Tang

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Re: Please stay in WHO. 陳馮富珍:若敗選即回港發展

Postby beaniebean » Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:48 pm

Camson, 似乎你很不喜歡佢. 我是明白你所講的原因.

但係呢個世界上, 有好多事都不能憑自己的能力去改變.

當然, 找一些渠道或平台去釋懷是好的, 否則那些火或鬱結屈係入面是no good的...

不過, 如當你諗起佢或聽見佢的任何消息時便上火, 那就盡量同佢保持距離, 對佢既任何嘢不聞不問便算吧, 無謂為呢啲本應對你不重要的人而破壞你的好心情呢~


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