ARMY (陸軍棋) How-To

1. 司令、軍長、軍旗各一子,師、旅、團、營、手榴彈各二子,連排、工兵、地雷各三子,計二十五子,兩方共五十子分二色。

2. 本棋供三人遊戲,二人各主一方,一人做裁判 (電腦),判定兩方勝敗。時先把各子設在兵站和指揮部內,交戰時兩子相遇,由裁判看其實力的強弱,而判定誰勝誰敗。大鐵路上各子可以直運行,但不得超越前方各子。軍旗設在指揮部內。但佈後不得移動。地雷佈後不得移動。

3. 司(勝)軍(勝)師(勝)旅(勝)團(勝)營(勝)連(勝)排(勝)工兵。地雷除工兵能勝外,手榴彈也能破地雷,但要同時拿掉,其他各子遇地雷都同時拿掉,手榴彈不論與何敵子相遇都同時去掉。司今被去掉,則暴露軍旗,指揮部失守,則全局告敗。

4. 指揮部雖存,如全軍已失,無子可走,也作敗局。

1. Each player has 1 Marshal, General and Flag; 2 Colonels, Majors, Captions, Officers and Bombs;  3 Sergeants, Corporals, Privates and Mimes; a total of 25 pieces, both sides get 50 pieces.

2. This game is for 3 players, 2 of them in charge of a side, 1 is the referree (Computer) to determine the result of combat. When game starts, both side allocate their pieces to the Field and Base, then each side moves in turn. A combat occurs when 2 pieces encounter, which the weaker piece will be eliminated. In the railway, a piece can pass straight several empty fields  in a single move. Flag must be placed in the Base, afterwards it cannot be moved anymore. Mime cannot be moved after first allocation.

3. Marshal (wins) General (wins) Colonel (wins) Major (wins) Caption (wins) Officer (wins) Sergeant (wins) Corporal (wins) Private. Only Private can pick mime while the other piece will be elmininated together with the mime. Bomb will be taken away together with the other piece in combat. When Marshal dies, Flag will be exposed. Player losses when the Flag has been taken.

4. If there has no available move, even Flag is safe, that side is treated as lost.