Last Card 


The first player who clears his card will win the game.

Card Set

The card set consists of 108 cards while will be divided into 4 colors (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) with the following types :-


Each player first draw 7 cards from the deck to play. Then each display 1 card by turn. The rule of discard should either follow the card type or the card's color. If the player can't discard a card, he/she needs to draw one card from the draw deck. The first one who played all his/her cards on hand will win.

There has a number of special cards during the play:-

The last rule is that whenever the player has one card left, one needs to call "LastCard" before discards the second last card. If this call is missing, the player is forced to draw 2 cards from the deck as penality.


The one who wins the game will take all the cards' score from his/her opponents. The score for the card type are: all special wild cards = 50; all special color cards = 20 and the number cards = the value of the number. In a real game, the first one whose accumulate game score is greater than 500 will win a set.