Marble (Chinese Checkers)



This is a faseinating game for 2 to 6 players.

Each players takes ten marbles of one colour amd places them in one of the pointes of the star. The object of the game is to occupy the star point direclty opposite. The first players to accomplish this is the winner.

Each player moves in turn, and move can be made in any direction as long as one follows the lines. A move consists of placing a marble into a hole beyond. Only one move is made at a time, except when jumping when the player can make any number of jumps in one direction only, player can jump their own or their opponents marbles, and no marbles are removed from the board during play.

As the game draws to an end, a player cannot remian in his own point merely to prevent his opponent from finishing.

If an even number of players take part, the opposite points of the start should be played on, but if three people play, each should commence from a point opposite a vacant point.

人 數 :    二 人 至 六 人
預 備 :    每 人 取 一 色 棋 子 十 粒 , 放 在 自 己 面 前 棋 盤 角 內 。
目 的 :    將 自 己 棋 子 , 跳 至 對 方 面 角 內 , 先 跳 齊 者 為 勝 。
規 則 :    每 入 每 次 依 照 線 將 棋 子 走 一 步 。 如 中 間 隔 一 粒( 不 論 自 己 或 對 方 之 棋 子 ) , 照 直 線 可 以 跳 一 步 , 不 論 前 後 左 右 , 均 可 連 跳 。
方 法 :    運 用 機 智 , 排 成 連 跳 路 線 。 並 設 法 阻 止 對 方 棋 子 使 不 能 連 跳 。

We We Web's Marble Game (網上波子棋遊戲)

The marble game developed in We We Web is quite simple. It allows 6 human players to play. In case of less than 6 players, computer may take the role, depends on the human player seating position, the computer will ensure that your distination position always has player.

To move a piece, wait to your moving round, click on the piece you want to move, the piece will be marked with an "X". Then click on the distintation position. The moved piece will be placed to the distination loaction you selected. (Note that you can stay to player's home locations). To confirm the move, click on the Play button. The game will be ended when all players reach their distination positions. Then a new game will automatically started.

We We Web 上之波子棋頗為簡單. 它最多可讓六個玩家同時參與. 如果玩家人數不足,  電腦會視符情況加入, 以確保所有玩家的對面都有玩家.

要行棋, 先要輪到玩家行棋時, 按滑鼠以點取棋子要行的棋子, 接萻就點取你想要行的位置. (留意棋字不可以長留別人的家園內). 點所以行的位置後就可以按一下右下面的 Play 按鈕. 當所有玩家都到達目的地, 此局就會自動結束. 棋子會重置於其出發點以開始另一局.

The following is the game interface, you may click on it to start a game (need a free membership and Java 1.6+):
以下是遊戲介面, 你可以點擊以進入遊戲 (需先成為免費會員及裝有Java 1.6+):


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