Standard Bidding with SAYC

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Standard Bidding with SAYC

Postby willy » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:31 am

n developing the bidding engine in Android WeWeWeb Bridge, we need to select a bidding system so that a player can communicate with the bot without difficulty. There are a number of different options, but it is hardly to deny that SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card) should be the number one candidate. The system is easy to learn and believed to be the most popular natural system for the online bridge world.

Of course, we need to have some references which can refer to in order to implement this standard to the program. The standing point should be ABCL's SAYC system 8 pages booklet (2006). The document describes all the basics about the system. However, it is not enough for you to learn SAYC. In order to have a more comprehensive book, I suggest the book <<

Standard Bidding with Sayc>> by Ned Downey and Ellen Pomer (ISBN: 978-1897106037). In fact, there are few SAYC books around and this is the best one I suppose.

The organization of the book is excellent which is based on the sections in the Yellow Card. It has everything you need for learning SAYC. Also, there are many examples which clear explanations. Even better is that it has a summary at the end of each section so that you can refer to them quickly in case you have forgotten something.

So, why is SAYC so popular in the online world? It is not only friendly to users but also friendly to those programmers who implement it into the robot's bidding engine. If you have the experiences on implementing both the SAYC and ACOL into the robot, you will believe how such a statement is stated.


在開發Android WeWeWeb橋牌的叫牌引擎時,我們需要選擇一個叫牌系統,讓玩家可以毫無困難地與機械人溝通。在這裡我們可以有一些不同的選擇,但無可否認SAYC(標準美國黃卡)應該是一個首選。該系統簡單易學,相信是網上世界最流行的的自然叫牌系統。

當然,我們需要有一些文獻參考,才可以將這個叫牌系統編寫於叫牌引擎程式內。ABCL的SAYC系統8頁小冊子(2006)應該是一個好的開始。該文件描述了所有有關這個系統的基礎。然而,它還是不足夠讓你學習的SAYC,我們需要一本更全面的書。因此我建議<<Standard Bidding with Sayc>>由Ned Downey和llen Pomer合著(ISBN:978-1897106037)這本書給你。事實上,以SAYC為主題的書籍很少,這是我認為最好的一本。




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