The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge

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The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge

Postby willy » Sun May 13, 2012 2:21 am

The WeWeWeb Bridge bidding engine can be divided into two sub-systems: bidding without and with intervention. The former is relatively simple and static in nature, most of the books related to bidding system cover it well. However, in the real Bridge battleground, the opponents are seldom kind enough to keep quiet and let the other side bid peacefully and reach the optimal contract. Thus, players is expected to involve in competition auctions most of the time. The challenge of developing competition bidding is as opponents may use different bidding systems, it is almost infeasible to develop a separate competition system to counter each bidding system. A more generic competition bidding system should be available for player in serving that purpose.

Most of the books about bidding system do not discuss the competition bidding in details. We need a separate book which focuses on competition bidding. There are few selections, the one, which may probably be the best one, I recommend to you is The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge by Mike Lawrence (ISBN: 978-1897106457). The book states almost all the situations relatively to overcalls. It has three part: i) Overcalls; ii) Responding to an Overcall; iii) Continuing the auction. The style of the book is based numerous examples attached with explanations. For each part as well has the end of the book, there is a separate quiz chapter to test what the readers have learned. This is a rather authoritative book that has referred by authors of other books. The only "disadvantage" of the book I can think of is the lacking of theory, the author only wrote out his idea and experience.

If you want to improve your competition bidding skill, I recommend this book to you.


WeWeWeb Bridge的叫牌引擎大至可以分成兩個子系統: 沒有或有受天干擾的叫牌情況. 前者相對簡單及靜態, 在大部分有關叫牌系統的書籍都有詳細的討論. 不過, 在橋牌桌上, 對手大多數都不會乖乖地靜坐著, 讓你慢慢叫到最有利的合約. 因此, 玩家要有心理準備大部分的叫牌過程都是和對手爭叫. 制訂爭叫系統的難處是每組對手都有可能用一種唔同既叫牌系統, 要每個叫牌系統都制訂一個專門的爭叫系統是不可行的. 所以我們要找一個更具彈性的爭叫系統.

由於市面上有很多叫牌書籍都輕輕帶過爭叫那部份, 我們需要找一本專門討論爭叫參考書. 在市面上, 專門談論爭叫的參考書數量很少, 今次我介紹的這本 (很可能是在這本書是最好的一本)叫Overcalls in Contract Bridge (ISBN: 978-1897106457), 由Mike Lawrence 著作. 這本書談論了很多有關蓋叫的資料, 十分詳細. 本書分為三個部分:一)蓋叫; II)回應蓋叫;三)繼續蓋叫。本書的主要內客主要是談論大量例子, 加上每部分及書本結尾都有一個練習章節, 供讀者測試自己的所學到的. 這本書可說是很有權威,有一些作者還引用了這本書的內容. 最後說一下"缺點": 這本書沒有任何理論, 作者只跟據自身的經驗及理解而談論.

如果閣下對爭叫還覺得有不足之處, 我建議這本書給你.


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Re: The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge

Postby beaniebean » Sun May 13, 2012 11:58 pm


我相信佢睇咗好多好多本bridge既書, 並從中介紹一些好書給我們, 同時亦好精心地去設計嗰bridge game, 務求令嗰game越來越好玩. 太厲害了!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

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