How to use the Deal Engine in WeWeWeb's Android Client

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How to use the Deal Engine in WeWeWeb's Android Client

Postby willy » Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:43 pm

Deal Engine is a new option which replaces the old Lucky Hand Option. It allows you have a better control of the hand you want to deal.

The old lucky option is a simple mechanism which simply ensures that the player's hand has at least 10HCP. However, the deal engine can do much more but it needs the user to have a basic understanding on how it works.


When the Deal Engine Option is firstly enabled, all the weights are set to 1. The weight tells the relative chance of each case will be dealt. The all 1s setting means the chance of dealing a slam hand is same as a part-score hand. This is obviously an unrealistic setting. So what should be the correct setting. In fact, this is a quite subjective question and it solely depends on the kind of deal you want more.

What I want to tell you now is the approximate weight setting in the Pair HCP session of a normal deal. According to The ACBL's Official Bridge Encyclopedia, the probability of a deal of total HCP for a partner is shown on the following table:


With the above data, we can calculate probability of each range:

31-40: 1.27755%
26-39: 11.368%
23-25: 17.63%
18-22: 39.448%
15-17: 17.63%
10-14: 11.368%
0-9: 1.27755%

To convert the percentage to the weight, scale them by 2 and round it to nearest integer will do. That is:

31-40: 3
26-39: 23
23-25: 35
10-14: 23

In order to simulate the lucky hand effect, just remove their game out. One have,

26-39: 23

Note that the Deal Engine is not really a random deal engine which means the distribution with a hcp range is not natural. So, besides practice, it is better to switch the Deal Engine off in order to enjoy a real Bridge Game.

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